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“What a wonderful gift you shared with me…your healing session was perfect timing; soothing and rejuvenating.” DEK

Are you a practitioner wishing to enrich your spiritual or alternative business? Are you a spiritual seeker actively working on your spiritual growth and wanting to expand your spiritual resources? If the answer is YES, then you have come to the right place! This website offers you spiritual consulting and coaching services to meet your spiritual needs in both your personal and professional life.

Happy New Years!

NEW OFFERING: Spiritual Spa Day (at home holistic events)

Celebrate a new you in 2018 with a Spiritual Spa Day for a relaxing and renewing at home holistic event! A great way to clear out the past while reclaiming your spirit for an amazing you in the new year. Your spa day is personalized to meet your spiritual needs. Spiritual Spa Day gift certificates are a wonderful way to say “I care” for valentines day, a new mom, birthday and mothers’ day!  For details, email Laura at: lauragbarry@gmail.com.

Special Spiritual Spa Day Offerings:

  • Spiritual Spa Day for Divorced Women – Treat yourself to a day of retreat as you redesign your soulfulness into a new you!
  • Spiritual Spa Day for couples – A day of reconnecting & renewal with your loved one as you move forward together into the new year.
  • Spiritual Spa Day for Alternative Practitioners – Destress, Declutter & Delight as you start the new year!  A day of relaxing & refreshing your mind while clearing old beliefs and habits.
  • Spiritual Spa Day for the New Mom – A day of renewal, rest & relaxation for the first time mom and also if its your second time around.  Makes a great New Mom gift!











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